Publications & Conference Posters (Selection)

Developing a Suicide Prevention Action Plan in Kisumu County, Kenya
Wiley Online Library – 2023

Poster to Download (Erasmus+)
NGO members Moritz Schepke and Simon Hass presented findings from the Erasmus+ program at the World Congress of Psychiatry in Vienna in September 2023  

Poster to Download (Brain Spirit Desk)
Dr. Wolthusen presented findings from the Brain Spirit Desk activities at the American Psychiatric Association Meeting in San Francisco in 2023

Poster to Download (KCSAP)
member Dr. Ouma presented findings from the Kisumu County Suicide Prevention Action plan at the World Congress of Psychiatry in Vienna in September 2023. The poster presentation followed the publication of a related paper, which NGO members Dr. Ouma, Roy Douglas Otieno, Dr. Andrä, and Dr. Wolthusen published earlier in 2023


Podcasts & Interviews


Deconstructing Stigma Campaigns


Incubatee Work

Our (previous) team members and incubatees have worked on a wide range of products, including but not limited to the design of a mental health allyship course, the implementation of mental health education activities in German and Ghanaian schools, or the design of activities that increase the awareness and acknowledgment of emotions in the Kenyan boy child. Other incubatees intend to tackle the high rate of mental health conditions among Ghanaian colleague students in their work, and yet other proposed to screen community members in primary care and outpatient settings for mental health conditions. We are in the process of compiling a portfolio of some of these activities and will make it available as soon as possible.