Dr. med. Paul Andrä

Co-Director On The Move e.V. and Resident MD in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Pediatrics

Specialties: Child & Adolescent Development & Health, Integrative Medicine, Social Innovation

Rick Wolthusen, MD, MPP

Co-Director On The Move e.V. and Resident MD in Psychiatry

Specialities: Global Mental Health, Community Psychiatry, Advocacy/Policy

Niklas Ebenhauer

Treasurer On The Move e.V. and Compliance Manager in the Financial Industry

Specialities: Compliance, Accounting, Taxation

Sarah Blackert

Human Performance in Social-technical Systems (Msc Psych)

Specialties: Human-Centered Innovation Design, Prevention and Early Intervention in Mental Health







Prof. Gordon Adomdza
Dr. Sarah Atieno Ouma

Political Stakeholders

Mental Health Authority Ghana
Kisumu County Government
Senator Kasanga

Academic Institutions

University of Ghana
Maseno University
McLean Hospital
Ashesi University
Uzima University
TU Dresden

NGO Stakeholders / Other Organizations

African Global Mental Health Institute
Aktionsbündnis seelische Gesundheit
Tinada Youth Organization
Erasmus Plus