We work with multiple stakeholders, such as policymakers, social start-ups, non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals who share our vision of holistic community mental health care.

We invite you to apply for the Start-Up Incubator, book our Consulting Service, or invite us for educational Mental Health Awareness Sessions. 

Start-Up Incubator

  • We can start collaborating at any time between the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Start-Up phases and aim to arrive at the 1st stage of your Start-Up successfully to prepare you for the growth phase. 
  • The decision to work with you reflects our strong belief in your team and your idea. This is why all of our consulting services are free within this program. To provide this service sustainably, we will negotiate a percentage of future revenue share depending on the amount of work we invested in your start-up during the process. We consider this a great and sustainable way to enable value-driven mental health innovations that are desperately needed. 

Brain Awareness Session

  • We provide keynote lectures or short impulse talks from basic brain functions (Brain Awareness) to holistic community mental health topics. We aim to inspire new opportunities in your community with the goal of everyone taking care of their mental health and the mental health of those around them.   


  • We have successfully consulted for individuals, NGOs, companies, government stakeholders, and universities 
  • Application of our system thinking and human-centered design-based frameworks to your challenge 
  • These services might be especially of interest to public institutions or companies who want to improve mental health status in their respective community 
  • Depending on the current status of your project, we can guide you through the entire process or focus on the part (Inspiration / Ideation / Implementation) most relevant to your situation. 
  • Case study: Developing a Suicide Prevention Action Plan for Kisumu County 
We are looking forward to hearing about your mental health-related challenges and discussing how we might tackle them.

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